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“I don’t have the strength to buy herpes medication dinner, I’ll just cook a quick meal,” we tell ourselves. So many of us live our lives on autopilot - rushing from place to place, assignedie for instructions, from time to time. We never stop. Simple things like eating healthy or taking time to relax and take care of ourselves slip so far down our priority list that we forget to do them, meaning we spend the majority of our work week neglecting our health and wellness needs. nutrition, and for what? To complete work on time? Now let's talk about the weekend. Even when you wake up on a cold Monday morning, it's so hard not to fantasize about and wish for the weekend. We dream of lying in our pajamas all day on Saturday to relax and unwind. However, when it comes to the weekend, we become so focused on having fun that we feel like we have to “make the most of it.”

So we drink more, stay out longer, all so we can say we had a “fabulous” weekend when we go back to work on Monday. When we go out to parties, we never think about what we really feel?

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  • does drinking and drinking really make the most of medication for herpes claim trueda
  • is it worth the headache and Sunday hangover in bed?
  • Are you nervous about what you might have done the night before?
  • do you feel great after this?

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Scientists conducted a survey and found that 16% of young people limit their calorie intake from food for the sake of “alcohol” calories, so as not to spoil their figure. Moreover, among those who practice such tactics, there were almost three times more girls than boys, writes The Times of India. The main motive for young people in this case is to prevent weight gain, get drunk quickly and save money, which could have been spent on food to buy alcohol. Meanwhile, according to scientists, "drankorexia" can have dangerous cognitive, behavioral and physical consequences, and also put people at risk of developing more serious eating disorders or drug addiction.

Depriving the brain of adequate nutrition and drinking large amounts of alcohol can be dangerous," says Victoria Osborne, assistant professor of social work and health sciences at the University of Missouri. “Together they can cause short- and long-term cognitive problems, including difficulty concentrating, learning and making decisions.

Those who eat poorly and drink heavily are also at higher risk of herpes medication, alcohol poisoning, drug addiction, and developing chronic diseases. This is especially true for representatives of the fairer sex, since the female body metabolizes alcohol differently than the male body, so in girls, diseases can appear earlier and cause more damage. What is drankorexia and why is it dangerous?

The weekend is ahead of us. And we want to spend them in the company of friends and colleagues. And of course, such meetings are not complete without alcohol. But according to new data, alcohol can take an unexpected toll on your health. The online publication Healthline talked about drankorexia. This phenomenon is becoming increasingly common among teenagers and young adults. Drankorexia is an eating disorder in which a person refuses to eat before drinking alcohol. Read more about this in our article.